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Various Types of Scavenger Hunts



The first type of scavenger hunt is known as Destination Unknown. This is where people don't know where they are heading to.  They use clues to guide the participants on the next destination they are going to. These clues may be in the form of riddles or directions to follow which will lead them to other locations. If you are able to interpret the riddles correctly you will successfully go to where the party is. You find that in some situations helpers are positioned in some places to provide participants with the next clues. And in some situations the clues are hidden in places where the public cannot identify them.


Another type is known as scavenger hunt riddles. This was primarily used in the past where the participants are given a list of items to retrieve and bring back with a given time limit. The list of objects is accompanied by some rules. The objects can be easy to find as well as the ones that are hard to find.  The objects are supposed to be picked from specific designated places not just anywhere. Let us say for example if you pick the object in your home, a mall or you purchase it from somewhere that will mean that you have already failed the game. You will be required to bring various things with you depending on the destination that you are suppose to pick the objects.


We also have Information Scavenger hunt. This involves finding information instead of retrieving objects or taking pictures. The information to be found are always facts no fiction and they can range from last item on a restaurant menu, inscription in a certain cornerstone and many other things that can be known by a majority of people. In this scavenger hunt the first team to collect many answers in the time frame that is given will the announced winners. To know moreabout event invitations, visit https://www.britannica.com/topic/event-occurrence.


Sound Scavenger hunt is also another type. In this scavenger hunt the participants will be required to record sounds of a given list of objects. The sound may include many things for example, ticking  clock, ringing bell, message from a person, radio sounds, sound of birds and many other things depending on what will be included in the list. Victory will go to the team that will collect the most sounds within the set deadline.


We also have People Scavenger Hunts. This involves searching for individuals or a group of people. Here the participants are given names of people to look for. These people can either be strangers or just the people that they know. Being that you cannot carry the person to the required place you will have to carry evidence like photographs, business cards, or any other thing that can prove that you have actually found the person. Get halloween scavenger hunt ideas here!