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How to Plan for a Scavenger Hunt



Scavenger hunt is among the games that brings the thrill in life. If you are an adventure, you stand a better chance to appreciate this in a deeper sense.  Both kids and adults have played scavenger hunt as a sport or just a game. It is a good way o bringing people together and share a god time. It can be organized during birthdays and other events, to make everyone happy and entertained. However, there are cons that come with organizing scavenger hunt. It requires you to do a lot more than inviting people to the game. You have to research on the best ways to play the scavenger hunt, for it to be interesting. When organizing, you have to look at the weather conditions for you to come up with the best scavenger hunt. Below are some of the best scavenger hunts planning tips that you can use.


The venue of the scavenger hunt is the first thing that you need to decide before you proceed into the details of the game. There are several places that you can hold scavenger hunt, but only a few of these places can be effective. You can decide to have an outdoor scavenger hunt venue, like the park or your neighborhood area. This will give you lots of space to hide the items that are supposed to be found. However, if the weather is not favorable, you can have it indoors. To add on this, when organizing a scavenger hunt for kids, you would want to reduce the space for the game. This will make it easy for you to monitor their movements.Readhttps://www.reference.com/holidays-celebrations/write-invitation-card-e3f55c0e1816ddecto know moreabout event invitations.


After you have the venue, it is important that you come up with a list of items that you would like to use in the treasure hunt riddles game. All the things in the list should be hidden in areas that are not very hard to find. Then give the list to each player, or a team of player. The first to find all the items in the list will be the winner of the game. Apart from hiding the items, you can collaborate with your neighbors and ask them to take some of the items in the list so that the teams can move around looking for them.


The age of the players in the game is very important when planning. You have to ensure that you are fully aware of the age group of the players so that you can be able to organize a game that will suit the needs of the players. You cannot organize scavenger hunt for kids and expect it to be thrilling to adults. Know about halloween scavenger hunt clues here!